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Product size: 35.5 x 17 x 8.3mm
Input voltage range: 6-26V
Output voltage: 5.2V (considering the charging line loss, the output is about 5.2V, the load is about 5V)
Upper limit output current: 3A (in the case of no heat sink, the stable output upper limit current is 2A)
1. The positive and negative poles cannot be reversed, and the input voltage should not exceed 26V, otherwise the chip will be damaged!
2. When powering on, you can't touch the sampling resistor and IC pin on the circuit board by hand. Otherwise, the output voltage may be suddenly damaged and damage the device!
3. Explain to some customers with electronic basics: Do not think that the nominal 3A current will burn out the equipment. The charging current is determined by the device. The charging current for most devices is 0.8-1.5A.
Tip: This is a step-down charging module. The current indicated by 2A refers to the upper limit current of the load. It cannot be compared with the 2A current indicated by the charger.

ProjectMin.ValueTypical ValueMax.ValueUnit
Standby current (Ven=0V)152025uA
No-load current81218mA
Input voltage61226V
The output voltage5.15.255.4V
Output current023A
Overcurrent protection current55.56A
Conduction internal resistance80100120
On-off level335385435KHz
High temperature protection8590130°C
Conversion efficiency (I=7V, 0=5V)939597%
Ambient temperature-402585°C

Package includes:

3 x Power supply module

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