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This is a common ESP-01 type bread plate adapter for ESP8266 serial to WiFi transceiver module.
Because ESP-01 pin arrangement is not bread plate friendly and no label, which makes it inconvenient for rapid prototyping. This bakery adapter will help you to do it
It is easier to use the esp-01 module prototype.
This breakthrough is easy to provide clear screen print on the top, and will be well suited to your favorite breadboard.
Last but not least, we add a 0.1 F decoupling capacitor, so ESP-01 will run smoothly and unimpeded all the time.
URAT adapter
3.3V VCC
3.3V CH-PD
Select the NL CR 15200 baud rate
Package includes:
3 x ESP-01 Adapter
6 x 4P Male Head

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