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JDY-64 adopts dual-mode Bluetooth design, and supports lossless two-channel stereo playback and BLE Bluetooth data transmission. It can set the audio Bluetooth broadcast name, volume addition and subtraction, top and bottom music playback, make a call, and refuse to answer the call through the serial AT command. , BLE broadcast name, serial port baud rate and other controls, the overall performance is very advantageous
◆Car DSP audio
◆Bluetooth speaker light
◆Bluetooth audio + digital toy
◆Bluetooth speaker
◆BLE transparent transmission application
◆Share mobile power, share weight
◆Medical equipment

Bluetooth versionBluetooth V4.0
Operating VoltageDC2.7-4.2V
Working current26mA
Operating temperature-40℃ – 80℃
Transmission distance30m
Serial cache100Byte
Patch temperature<260℃

Package includes:

3 x Module

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